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What's the deal?

Very little is known about the plastic waste on our beaches; where it comes from, what form it takes and why it appears in certain weather conditions and not others. Jetsam asks the question: Why don’t we know these things?

We’re putting the power in your hands – Jetsam lets you to catalog the plastics that you see out and about, and helps us to gather the data that we need to make a difference. You’ll be able to proudly call yourself a Citizen Engineer as you become part of the effort to build a next generation machine learning model that can predict where plastic waste will materialise next.

As you catalog the plastics that you see, you might find something interesting; maybe you’ve just finished an epic beach clean or come across a 50 year old plastic novelty toy that has been untouched by the ravages of time! Jetsam lets you highlight those moments by anonymously featuring them on the curated community feed, letting you safely share your plastics story without worrying about privacy.

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Using Jetsam to gather data about plastics is super easy! Just follow these steps:

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